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e-Data Collection 3.0


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e-Data Collection 3.0 Review

Full-featured Survey System enabling you to create surveys on the fly, complete with a reporting tool that generates attractive, customizable reports, and dynamic filters that allow you to narrow results on selected criteria to facilitate analysis. Create an entire survey, complete with a reporting system with filtering capabilities, in a matter of minutes. Features include: *Group
multiple surveys into survey collections.
*Assign roles to Administrative Users determining who can view reports, create surveys, or publish surveys.
*Create test data to preview reports and purge test data with the click of a button. (i.e., distinguish between test data and real data.)
*Allow or disallow multiple submissions from a single survey taker.
*Set the date range for which the Survey will be active.
*Upload and add images to surveys.
*Assign multiple response types to a single question.
*Specify which response fields are required fields.
*Determine control types (dropdownlists, textboxes, radiobuttons, etc.) for each response type.
*Add date and email controls with validation (complete with a calendar pop up for the date control).
*Add custom JavaScript to response controls.
*Use data from external sources (i.e., another database on the server) to populate dropdownlists with answer options.
*Filter report results by date, or question responses (i.e., determine custom filters to use as criteria for generating reports).
*Multiple report views (to display comments, raw scores, question averages, section averages, text answers, or any combination of the above).
*View reports averaging results collectively or view reports on individual survey submissions one by one.
*Reports produce a visual representation of response value averages (by question and by section).

Program system requirements: .NET Framework version 1.1 or later, MS SQL Server 7.0 or later, IIS, Internet Explorer 5.5 or later


e-Data Collection

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